What are Portfolio Initiatives?

Based on the authentic and complex work of principals to meet the needs of their schools, Portfolio Initiatives provide the structure that enables principals to generate evidence to demonstrate the Australian Principal Standard in action in their own context.
Portfolio Initiatives recognise that several of the leadership requirements and professional practices of the Australian Principal Standard are at play at any given time. They provide a framework to guide candidates' ongoing professional learning and development through preparing the Reflective Analysis. Portfolio Initiatives define a manageable scope of work to be undertaken by the principal, allowing them to make best use of their time and effort to achieve Principal Certification. At the same time, they provide a structure which permits the Certifying Authority to conduct the assessment of candidates’ evidence in a valid, reliable and manageable manner.
Candidates are required to complete two of the three Portfolio Initiatives.


In documenting two improvement initiatives which they have been leading in their own context, principals will need to provide evidence for each initiative of:
  • personal leadership
  • change over time as a result of that leadership
  • measures of school improvement as a result of that leadership. 
Candidates will analyse and explain the significance of their evidence in Reflective Analyses of 4,000 to 6,000 words for each Portfolio Initiative.