Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to undertake Principal Certification, applicants must:
  • hold a current teacher registration
  • be currently employed as a principal and currently undertaking that role within an education setting
  • have at least 3 years’ experience as a principal
  • agree to comply with the Principal Certification Code of Conduct
  • agree to the Terms and Conditions as set out in the Policy Guide to Principal Certification.
Applicants to undertake Principal Certification will also be considered, on a case by case basis, where an applicant is not a principal but:
  • whose employment contract confirms that they are currently employed in, and undertaking within a school, a role where the scope and duties of that role are equivalent to those of a principal and enable demonstration of all requirements of the Australian Principal Standard in action.
  • provides an affirmation signed by their line manager who is able to confirm the applicant’s current role and that the scope and duties undertaken are equivalent to those of a principal.