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Australian Principal Certification affirms the importance of educational leadership. It recognises the unique role of principals in improving the quality of learning and teaching in schools.

What is Principal Certification?
The Australian Professional Standard for Principals (Australian Principal Standard) sets out what principals are expected to know, understand and do to achieve in their work. Australian Principal Certification (Principal Certification) is recognition of the Australian Principal Standard in action. It is a formal endorsement that an experienced, practising principal has attained a designated standard of accomplished practice in accordance with profession-developed requirements and the Australian Principal Standard. 
To achieve Principal Certification principals must demonstrate the impact of their leadership on teacher efficacy, student achievement and whole school improvement. Principal Certification for experienced, practising principals is voluntary, managed for and by the profession, and recognises demonstrated achievement by school leaders against an agreed standard.
The essence of professional recognition is that it is separate from government, employing authorities and standard setting bodies. It relates to the individual and so is portable.